10 Days to Higher Grades, Motivation and Self-Confidence

SuperCamp is a dynamic, engaging learning and life skills summer camp that provides kids in grades 4 through 12 with opportunities for personal growth, success, friendship, and fun. In just 10 days, campers acquire learning skills to help them:
  • Read faster... and with greater comprehension
  • Study more effectively and retain information longer
  • Write more quickly and powerfully... and break through writers block
  • Take better notes and organize information in a way that dramatically improves the recall of important facts, figures and details
  • Memorize everything from vocabulary words to history dates using fun, entertaining memory techniques
  • Prepare for the SAT, PSAT and ACT (Senior Forum only)
They also develop life skills that help them:
  • Become more self-motivated and accept responsibility
  • Grow into secure, confident young adults
  • Think creatively, set goals and solve problems
  • Communicate more effectively and resolve conflict easily
  • Break through self-imposed limits to achieve their full potential

"It is the best thing I ever did for my child. It should be a required course in all schools."
    - Cathy Hall, Parent - Costa Mesa, CA

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"In less than two weeks SuperCamp accomplished what I've been trying to accomplish for years. My son, who was reluctant to go, now says it was the best 10 days of his life! And that's a quote."
    - Daniel Eustace, Parent - Acushnet, MA